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Penetrant inspection / Crack detection

Maycast-Nokes offers two main non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures, Radiographic inspection and Liquid Penetrant inspection.

Fully qualified Maycast-Nokes technicians carry out complete surface inspection of the castings. The process is designed to identify any surface breaking defects such as cracks, laps or porosity.

The principle of the testing method is that the dye/penetrant is drawn into any surface breaking defect by a process of capillary action. After a period of time soaking in the dye the castings are removed and water washed. When viewed under ultra violet light any defect will bleed with dye indicating a possible defect. Castings are inspected against customer/national specifications and sentenced accordingly.

We employ multi-disciplined NDT inspectors who are able to work in both NDT departments (Radiography and PFD). All are qualified to NAS 410 / EN4179 + PCN level two. In addition to our Level II members of staff we also have an on-site Level III, meaning that we can write and sanction all of our own process techniques without any assistance from an external source.

Both departments are fully Nadcap approved and are currently on the PRI Merit program (18 month audits) following three previous successful audits.

Sub-contract testing service

In addition to carrying out NDT inspection of our own castings Maycast-Nokes is also able to offer a sub-contract NDT service, inspecting components manufactured by other companies to their required standards - please contact Tony Mays for further information.

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