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Fine precision sand casting

Maycast-Nokes fine precision sand casting facility is made up of two separate casting sections, each of which has its own distinct characteristics, the result is a highly flexible and adaptable facility.

The boxless/block moulding section is used for the production of sand castings weighing from of 0.1kg up to 30kg. Often multi-impression pattern equipment can be used. Meaning that this technique can be highly cost effective whilst giving an excellent surface finish. Using either wood or resin pattern equipment, this method offers excellent repeatability whilst achieving extremely tight tolerances. This can result in the reduction of costly machining operations.

The floor moulding activities are carried out by highly experienced, fully skilled craftsmen and can be used to either make sand castings from inexpensive loose pattern equipment, ideal for prototypes, or conversely very large parts which are too big for the block casting section.

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