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Gravity die casting

Gravity die casting is a permanent mould, gravity fed casting process. Fast and efficient with excellent repeatability, it is ideal for higher volume batch sizes.

This form of casting offers good dimensional accuracy as well as superior mechanical properties and thinner wall sections than sand casting. Another advantage of gravity die casting is that it produces a smooth cast finish, reducing the amount of fettling required.

Internal details and undercuts can be incorporated in a casting by using sand cores or retractable steel/iron cores. Depending on the complexity of a given design, tools can be single or multi impression with either manual (rack-and-pinion) or hydraulically operation.

Although initial tooling costs are higher than sand casting, gravity die casting is a faster process which makes it suitable for longer production runs.

Our team of skilled and experienced engineers can advise on casting design and we offer both raw and fully-machined and finished castings to suit.

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